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sabaceanfans's Journal

The SabaceanBabe Media Appreciation Society
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This is a community to discuss and support the creative brilliance that is sabaceanbabe. This isn't a facetious claim. I have been a serious fan of her work for a few years now, and I know there are others in various fandoms and in the LJ community who have come across and love her work. Even famous personages whose portrayals some of her works are based on have commented privately about her achievements.

This community will be soley for the discussion of the works of SabaceanBabe; both its flaws and (especially) its merits, and speculation about what is coming next from our Matron Saint.

And yes, I say serious, but what I mean is worshipful adulation bordering on sychophancy. Isn't it time SabaceanBabe was worshipped in the same manner as those egotistical blogwhores whose main claim to fame is their cult of personality? Let's strive to become like that.

Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, we can gush over SB's fanfic and vids, until she gets famous and abandons us like the slavish lackeys we are.